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Welcome to the amazing world of specialty coffee!

Specialty coffee can be simply defined as coffee beans that are grown and graded to the highest standards. Removing all defective beans from the mix to create the greatest flavors and aromas that you never knew existed in a humble cup of black stuff!

After many years living in Australia, I often came home to the UK to find that the coffee here was generally underwhelming to say the least, often too hot, with poorly textured milk and usually very bitter.

The coffee in Australia was generally good if not fantastic. So I set out to discover why there could be such a vast difference. Over a period of 18 months I researched the inn’s and outs of specialty coffee. Learning from some of the best Roasters and Baristas the land has to offer.

I am now proud to call myself a Specialty Micro Roaster. Trained in Australia by one of the best Roasters in the Industry!

My roasting style has an emphasis on retaining the natural characteristics of each coffee bean, I do not do a dark roast as this destroys most of the natural sugars and origin flavors, and I very rarely take the roast beyond second crack!

Producing consistently high quality coffee is a dedication, from the Roaster to the Barista, and believe me without a well-trained Barista, a great coffee can be ruined. We moved back to England in Feb 2012 and started roasting on a 5kg Roastmax Roaster; I have since taken possession of a 15kg Roastmax Roaster.

Now Feb 2015 we are three years in, I am on a mission to help raise the coffee bar, we have introduced a “coffee roasting course” at our Winchester coffee school, amazingly our first course is fully booked….watch this space!!