Elektra Sixties Coffee Machine

  • Elektra Sixties Coffee Machine

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    The compact Elektra Sixties Coffee Machine is a small espresso machine of very compact dimensions . Ideal for small cafés.

    A perfect mix of finishes of high quality, valuable metals and maximum reliability. The advanced technology  of the Elektra Sixties Coffee Machine helps to create the perfect espresso all day long.

    • Retro stylish machine
    • Optional second steam wand
    • High Group as standard
    • Volumetric dosing
    • Oak Handles (Standard)

    This machine is a must have for those who have limited space but don’t want to compromise on style.

    Our Elektra Coffee machines come from one of the longest established espresso machine manufacturers.  Developing their first machine, back in 1947.  Since then, the company has continued to innovate. Elektra still maintains it’s unique retro style, with a focus on luxury and quality.

    With the Indie, KUP & Barlume ranges, Elektra produces some of the very best performing commercial espresso machines on the market.

    If you’re interested in this machine then please do not hesitate to Contact us or call us on 01962 883655. We are always happy to give you a quote, or feel free to check out our Lease Calculator.

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