Dip DK50

  • Dip DK50 coffee grinder.

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    The Dip DK50 allows you to easily select grind size to suit the customers needs. Here are its Key features:

    • Large grinding capacity at all settings
    • Cool and homogeneous grinding performance that preserves coffees aroma
    • Stepless grind adjustment of grinding fineness
    • Accurate, wear resistant burrs
    • Easy to calibrate, clean and maintain
    • Voltage/ Frequency: 220-230V/50 Hz
    • Hopper Capacity: 1.4kg
    • Weight: 35kg
    • Dimensions: 250x280x630 mm

    The Dip DK50 provides the same quality as the Dip DK30 with a bigger capacity. Therefore allowing you to grind more coffee at once.

    DIP Grinders are committed to quality control and so test every grinder they make. This means that all their machines last a long time and grind perfectly every time. All Dip grinders, are made to work simply and efficiently without compromising quality.
    Therefore, For all parts of the company, they insisted on producing every core component of our machines inside their factory.
    To support this principle, all tolls and moulds are designed and produced by them.

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