Elektra INDIE

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The striking design of the INDIE along with its patented energy saving brew system, sets this machine apart from all others in the Specialty coffee world.

INDIE manages each group independently. All the functions are accessible by a colour touch screen display.

INDIE manage the temperature of the group, the coffee dose adjustment and the infusion time, all this in real time through an intelligent touch-screen display.

INDIE manage the brewing temperature control on each group independently, with accuracy and rapidity never achieved before thanks to a very reduced thermal inertia.

INDIE comes equipped with a variable steam wand with which it is possible to make a pressure fine adjustment from 0.8 to 1.8 BAR.

INDIE has two different kinds of lighting, one with a fixed light on the worktop and one more in the rear with LED lights with variable and programmable.

INDIE is also distinguished by the exclusive handle made of solid oak wood. A rewarding tactile experience and a natural approach the most advanced technology

INDIE produces hot water for Tea of better quality, taking it directly from the main water supply. Always fresh water, not from the tank.

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