Royal Synchro T2

  • Royal Synchro T2 Espresso Machine

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    The Royal Synchro T2 Espresso Machine is a high quality commercial espresso machine.  Hand built in Italy, with the same level of dependability and performance of the Royal Synchro 2 & 3 group range of machines. Here are it’s key features:

    • Beautiful body styling complete with lighting at sides and near groups.
    • Practical, comfortable lock-down easy purge steam handles.
    • Excellent comfortable group head coffee handles.
    • Optional Boiler-Per-Group Head for better temperature control.
    • 2 or 3 Group Models available.
    • Energy-saving standby power function.
    • Large Preparation Area and Cup Warming Surface.

    The Royal Synchro T2 Espresso Machine is available in a variety of different colours so don’t be afraid to contact us for more details!

    The Royal brand is based in Conegilano in Italy. Their key focus is to provide a great service and equipment for a good price.

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    If you’re interested in the  Synchro then please do not hesitate to Contact us or call us on 01962 883655. We are always happy to give you a quote, or feel free to check out our Lease Calculator.

    Or if you want to learn how to use this machine then check out our courses!

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