Sanremo Verona RS

  • Sanremo Verona RS Espresso Machine.

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    Sanremo Verona RS

    The Sanremo Verona RS is perfect for all levels of use, with a classic look. Here are it’s key features:

    • Available as 2 group or 3 group.
    • Tall cup version also available.
    • 30% less energy consumption compared to traditional espresso machines
    • Available in matt black and gloss white

    The temperature of each coffee boiler can be set separately for each group had in order to produce the end product for a blend or single origin coffee being used. The dispensing of water for coffee and steam is completely separate from the main boiler.

    The control unit manages three different temperature reading levels, thus ensuring the highest levels of thermal stability, with a variation of ±0.2°C and full steam power. Each group head has its own dedicated boiler supplied by a unique heat exchanger hydraulic circuit.

    Sanremo, is based in Treviso in North-East Italy, innovating and designing some of the most well designed and well-loved commercial espresso machines for over four decades. Their espresso machines are a favourite among the world of baristas & coffee roasters worldwide, with a wide range of machines from high-quality entry-level to the highest level barista champion grade machines. They also creates a range of high-quality commercial coffee grinders.

    If you’re interested in this machine then please do not hesitate to Contact us or call us on 01962 883655. We are always happy to give you a quote, or feel free to check out our Lease Calculator.

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